Custom Homes

Designing and Building Custom Homes in Rockwall, TX

The decision to build a home can be exciting, but is more often than not fraught with stress. At BUILDITECT, our mission is to remove the guesswork involved and replace it with confidence and expertise. You make the creative decisions and leave the rest to us!


When it comes to bringing your vision of the perfect home to life, there is no more crucial stage of the building process than design. This is where we consult closely with you to transform your dreams into concrete plans. Your preferences are always the final word, and we won’t begin construction until you’re completely satisfied with the design.


Once our team has finished on-site construction, we dispatch a team of expert inspectors to ensure that all workmanship has been procured up to code and adheres to your wishes. BUILDITECT enjoys a sterling reputation largely because of our focus on quality control, so you can always rest assured that your investment returns only the best results.

Custom Home Builders in Rockwall, TX

The difference between a house and a home is all a matter of character. When designing and building a custom home, it’s crucial that your contractors remain in close communication with you in order to bring your vision to life. BUILDITECT offers expert consultation every step of the way. We provide cost-free site evaluations of your property at the outset, and take into consideration important factors such as your site’s sun exposure, elevations, drainage, landscaping, views and local building criteria. The amount of detail we collect is evident in the final result: the perfect home to fit your family’s unique lifestyle and your budget.


We pledge to provide the best customer support you’ve ever had at every stage of the construction process. You can even count on us after completion, since we believe in taking care of our customers well after the final inspection to ensure touch-ups are completed after you move in.